Each song represents a key event in the day. For example, he created a song when he Music NFTs experienced a breakup, the day he got married, the day his grandmother died, and every single time he felt tired or felt like not doing it. The project is a snapshot of his entire life, and his work is being called the “Beeple of the Music NFTs Industry.

Moreover, all the songs are video recordings and are available on YouTube. They all come with an illustration that symbolizes the mood, place, instrument, beard, and many other traits related to the song. There are a lot of details in the illustration itself, which will be elaborated on later.

In addition, the project has a DAO of its own, and this DAO is unlike most DAOs that spin up a DAO to issue a token, pump it, and cash out. Song a DAO (its name) takes the concept to the next level. There’s no token and anyone with the Song a Day NFT can vote or issue proposals.

More important than the hype and above everything is the people building the project. In case a project crashes, a good team will never give up on the vision.

Consistency and obsession are the keys to seeing positive long-term results. When investing in projects for the long-term, this is one of the things investors should look for. Ideology as motivation is far stronger than just making money in the short term.

Jonathan Mann perfectly fits the above description as he’s been creating a song a day for the last 13 years, which is an impressive feat.



Jonathan started creating a song a day when he was 26 years old living in LA, and unable to find a job right after the 2009 financial crisis. He took part in video competitions to put food on the table for months. So he decided to create a song every day for a year, in the beginning, to explore where it would take him, and now he’s still doing it to this day.

Since he creates a song every day, in a few of his songs there are other people like his ex-girlfriend, Anderson, all the speakers from the ETH Denver event, his son, and many more.

The discord is run by Jonathan and a few other moderators, but all the videos and music are made and edited by him (and have been for 13 years). They eventually plan to distribute the work to others through the DAO.

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